TrueTech Distribution Ltd is a complete service distributor, primarily focused on the smart home and security technology sector throughout the UK and Europe. Offering a full range of services to increase brand exposure and market penetration, creating sustained market growth through long term cooperation.

Our Services

Marketplace Management

We specialise in optimisation and management of all ecommerce channels, marketplaces and platforms. Our dedicated and experienced team will manage every aspect from platform launches, all the way through to EDI and feed systems.

Creative Marketing

We offer a wide range of services with the goal to increasing demand for your products, from specialised online and offline campaigns, all the way through to social media management and retailer promotions.

Logistics & Warehouse

All products are shipped from our clean and modern warehouse facility, located just outside London, UK.
We use the latest in computer technology to efficiently handle products at every stage, from importation, stocking and dispatch.

Customer Service & Support

Our in house support staff help to manage everything from basic customer queries, through to detailing with retailer returns.
We also have dedicated technicians on hand to answer advance questions and troubleshoot.